Mice Can Distory Your Farm – Use These Tips to Protect It

For any farmer, the sight of mice is supposed to raise alarm; this is enough proof that his produce is in danger of being destroyed. Mice can destroy your farm in a way you never thought they would. To avoid the danger posed by them, use this tips to protect it.

Use of soft drinks, this comes as a surprise to many people. Soft drinks kill mice by taking advantage of the fact that they cannot burp. When the rodents drinks the liquid, they do not belch and thus they will have too much gases accumulate in their system thus, they die. This is done using a disposable dish where you add the drink and leave it overnight. You can be sure to see the animals dead in the morning.

Use of plaster powder and chocolate powder, mice are easily attracted to sweet things. By taking advantage of this, you simply mix the plaster powder and chocolate and place it where the mice often frequent. Also, ensure that water is close so that after they have swallowed the bait, they will take the water and they will be gone. This is because the plaster powder hardens inside the stomach thus killing them.

Use of pellet chemicals, this are poisonous substances that are fed to mice to kill them, one can get them in any agro vet. They are usually placed where the mice are usually seen like mice holes or even farm store. They should be kept away from humans as they kill any animal that swallows them.

Use of glue boards, this is ideal for small farms or even kitchen gardens. It entails using a stick substance to catch the mice and they soon die of hypothermia.

Use of cats, cats are natural predators of rats and mice, if the use of poison is not that effective, you can bring in a cat which is mature enough to catch mice. Although not all cats are good at catching mice, you can always borrow one from a neighbor or even hire.

The use of traps, this is one of the most widely used method to trap mice. There are several types of traps and the effectiveness of these traps will depend on their make or the one who set it. You can use either a zapper trap or a classic snap trap.

Use of mice repellants, for those who do not want the fracas brought about by killing the animals, disposing, or the carcass. Peppermint oil is a natural detergent that has a smell that is too intense for rodents.

Use of dried snake poo, snake is a natural predator of rodents. Therefore, they always keep a distance from any snake by sense of smell. You can visit any reptile center close by and ask them for some dried poo. Place it where the smell will be sensed from afar. This will help for some time before they get used to it.

The use of electronic, electromagnetic or sonic devices, this is a way of encouraging mice to shift to the next place. The sonic device produces a sound that is not appealing to the mice so they opt to shift to better places. However, this is only for a short duration as they soon get used to the noise.

The methods are quite good especially if your farm is not pretty infested by these creepy creatures. For those who have colonies in their farms and all that they are doing is counting loses, it is good that you call an expert for more assistance.